Our Approach

Strategic Planning

We believe that defining, planning and executing strategies to improve performance and create value is an innovation process that integrates a wide range of activities. This view enables us to combine best practice tools developed for strategic planning and innovation management.

Sense of Urgency

We use simple and effective tools to involve stakeholders, be it employees, clients or shareholders, from the start. This eases aligning objectives and establishing a sense of urgency so to conduct a swift and successful implementation of the strategy.


We help to build on leadership and communication skills so to create and articulate a shared vision, and successfully convert the vision (or ideas) created by few into the strategy (or innovations) adopted by many.


Innovation is a core strategic process supported by activities like acquiring, sharing and applying knowledge and technology that produce intellectual property assets. It comprises concept creation, product development, and (re-) engineering both production and business processes. We help to innovate so to optimize the creation of value.

Value Creation

Long term Value Creation is, from a financial perspective, achieved by driving productivity, improving cost structure or increasing asset utilization, and growth, expanding revenue opportunities or enhancing customer value. We guide organizations in their journey through a landscape with a shear infinite number of possibilities to accomplish productivity and growth strategies.

Performance Improvement

Transformation basically is innovation with the goal to make significant changes in how business is conducted so to cope with a challenging competitive environment, and improve performance. We facilitate a fast and successful change by establishing a sense of urgency, communicating extensively to create buy-in, empowering teams to remove obstacles and delivering short-term wins to boost morale and motivation.


Communication is important in every project stage, but essential during implementation. The 2.0 wave has boosted interaction at every level to acquire knowledge about consumers or identify actionable opportunities within the company. Yet, most innovations and transformations fail to deliver up to expectation due to a lack of communication. We help bring your marketing and communication up to speed with the spirit of modern times.


Strategizing for Top Performance ..

.. is an Innovation Process that puts Clients first

Design Thinking

Our method is inspired by the success of companies that adopted IDEO’s concept of Design Thinking. This is a multidisciplinary results-oriented innovation process that puts clients first, and comprises three stages:
  1. Inspiration is key to persisting success. We assist in strengthening the capability to lead projects and build teams that deliver beyond expectation. This reinforces the corporate vision and will inspire to undertake new initiatives to improve performance, create value and build on capabilities that prepare for future challenges.
  2. Ideation is the vehicle with which we undertake our creative journey to help outperform competitors on their customer value proposition, their way of organizing people (structure) and work (systems) or their use of intangible assets like talent, competencies, knowledge, teamwork or culture. Our external focus enables to gain insight, spot trends and incorporate modern concepts like lateral marketing or open innovation.
  3. Implementation is not the end but the start of a new era in which performance management needs to be part of the daily routine. Our legacy will be a consolidated way of how people and work are organized to perform today, and how to develop talent and competencies to keep performing in the future. And we will continue to inspire for change towards leadership styles and corporate cultures that stimulate innovation to drive productivity and growth.
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